artificial intelligence Image Rendering (AIIR) workshop

Meet our latest workshop. Are you keen to harness the power of AI image generation within your design workflow. Look no further - get the competitive edge now, sign up for this course! Go from AI beginner to prompt master and control your AI image outputs to take full advantage of the tools to your disposal.



Welcome to Digital North creative workshops. We focus on quality short term courses within the creative arts and media spheres. 
We are based in Cape Town, South Africa but would like to take on the world ;-) We do live (instructor led), online classes and workshops. Don't waste any more time in joining a fast-paced, global economy - join us today and get ahead.

what to expect from this course

Here are some of the basic concepts and applications we will explore during this exciting and practical 2 week workshop. 

specialised prompts
for quality images

Not all prompts are created equal. Learn some prompts that will take image quality and your visuals to the next level.

rendering specific styles and finishes

Learn techniques and prompts that will make your art style look like the world's best.. be it illustrative, painterly or photo real etc!

midjourney v5 hacks

The world's most used image generator has some tricks of it's own - lets see what they are!

consistent characters

Consistency in AI images is often still elusive - whether it is characters for a book or different series of pictures, we look at producing at mass.

various design use cases - income ideas

We look at different types of images to be created for various use cases. Find a way for your images to be monitised or speed up your process.

ai image tools - streamline your workflow

Midjourney isnt the only solution - we look at how to combine and exploit the best AI image tools for the job.

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